Back again and just the two of us talking again. This time we're on the road again in the car and talking about crunch, game jams and answering some questions.


As we'll we've got our first sponser. We talk a bit about Mattia Cellotto's Polarity library. Check out that and his other libraries at his website


Well it's the last of our GDC interviews. For this last one we sat down with Ben Crossbones (@BenCrossbones). I must say this one gets a bit salty. :)  We talked about Ben starting out, some tips for networking and mentors and mentorships. Including the new and great Audio Mentoring Project (


Our second interview from GDC 2017 and actually the first one we did. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Rich Vreeland also known as Disasterpeace. We talked about a bunch of the projects he's done including Mini Metro and Hyper Light Drifter and some of the differences between Hollywood and games.


Great place to find out more about Rich is his website


The first of our 2017 GDC interviews. The second we recorded but the first we're putting out.

We had a really great conversation with voice acctress Fryda Wolff. You might know her lately from a little game called Mass Effect: Andromeda.  She's done some sweet indie stuff like Octodad: Dadliest Catch as well. We talk about all kinds of things, like breaking in, how much screaming you can do and squeaky cheese.


You can find her website here, which has lots of great stuff to read if you're interested in getting into VO:


We talk about stuff this time. What stuff? Good question. We talked about practice and learning new things and effective practice. And we talked about focus. And answered some questions.


At GGJ Vancouver we had the chance to talk to a room of audio people and give some advice on things. We spent this podcast talking about what Gord went over which was about dealing with different conflicts and negotiations as an audio person from different perspectives. Being a client. Being a contrator. Being a business owner.

And of course we answer some questions.


As well I'm running CarouselCon this year while at GDC. Looking for people to talk at that.


The last episode of 2016 and we've got Leonard Paul as our guest. We sat down at Gord's and talked about a bunch of stuff that Leonard has done and his school. As well we talk a bit about Sound Particles and vinyl soundtrack releases. And of course we answer some questions.


As well Leonard sent us a bunch of links on how to contact him and his projects:

'Beep' Original Music Score:

And we're back again. We answer some questions and talk about doing personal projects and it's importance. As well as some tips for analyzing mixes on other games and why that's a good thing to do.


We both have music released this month that we talk about some and here's some links to that.

Gord's Viking Squad OST -  Also available on streaming services and youtube.

Matthew's dark ambient EP - Should also be available on other sales/streaming platforms soon.


On a sad note Saki Kaskas passed away this month and I wouldn't be doing game audio if he hadn't taken a chance on my. He did some great work in games, made some great music and was just generally a great guy. He will be missed.



Feels like we get a bit personal this month. For the month of October we talk about some conferences we've been to lately, some personal learnings from that and thoughts on games that have disappointing launches. And then answer some questions.


It's the PAX episode! This time we sat down with Gina Zdanowicz from Serial Lab Studios after she did a talk at PAX about devs and middleware. A bit of a noisy one but a great conversation.

Two extra pieces of info this month to add on. The first, as some may know, is that one of my cats, Odin, passed on this month after a battle with cancer. While it's incredibly sad that she's gone I recorded her voice before she left and am giving that to all of you now. Head to Soundcloud and download to make her live on in your game projects. I'd really love to hear how you use it.

Second, and happier, Beep: A Documentary History Of Game Sound is now out!! If you're involved in games in any way, especially if it's audio, you should watch this doc.

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