June 15, 2018

Beards, Cats, and Indie Game Audio Podcast EP 50 - #gameaudiotips

So recently Gord started the hashtag #gameaudiotips on twitter. He started posting a good tip every day. I thought it was great so I jumped in on it as well. And then some others joined in too. This episode we go over some of the ones we thought have been great so far. And then we answer some questions too. 

Again we're happy to have Pro Sound Effects advertising with us again. This time we go over Stallion, another library from Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet. Again, this is a good one. As part of this, PSE has been awesome enough to give us a discount code for all our listeners. If you use the code BEARDS you'll get 15% off both the Industrial Sounds With Soul or the new Stallion libraries. You can see this and all their other libraries at www.prosoundeffects.com and follow them on twitter at @prosoundeffects

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