March 19, 2015

Beards, Cats and Indie Game Audio Episode 14

This month we managed to sit down with Austin Wintory while we were all at GDC and chat for awhile. From a seat on the floor at the back of Moscone we talk about game music, GDC, cats, beards and some other game audio related stuff. Unfortunately due to time we had to cut our Seinfeld/Firefly/ST:NTG conversation. 


Show notes.

00:00:00 Austin Wintory Introduction

Austin Website Website

00:02:33 IGF Awards Inc


Banner Saga


00:05:05 Stoic’s origin story

00:08:40 Voice­over in Banner Saga and considerations for including voice­over in a game

00:10:30 Creating a sense of urgency for yourself and your music

00:11:35 Experiencing people’s personal reactions to your work

Leisure Suit Larry­game?gameId=13

Rouge Legacy


00:15:00 Technical and creative process for composing

00:17:00 Feedback on your work from your collaborators and how to take in feedback

00:24:20 The challenges about talking about audio

00:31:15 Working on Banner Saga

00:35:00 Music in Watch Dogs

00:35:52 What makes the best music for a video game

00:38:05 Working on Journey

00:45:25 Working on LEADtoFIRE

00:47:45 Austin’s process when starting working on a new project

00:49:20 The creative process when composing and designing sound

Show notes by Kate Kelly from San Francisco, California

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