February 3, 2014

Beards, Cats, And Indie Game Audio EP1

The first in a new podcast about game audio. Mostly we focus on indie games as that's the arena we work in. This month we introduce ourselves, talk a little about middleware with Unity and games that are up for best audio in the IGF awards.

Hosted by Matthew Marteinsson and Gordon McGladdery

Matthew Marteinsson - @mattesque

Gordon McGladdery - @AShellinthePit

Some links for things we talked about:

Awesome train recording https://soundcloud.com/aj88keys/train-passing-by

Audio toolkit http://unity.clockstone.com/assetStore-audioToolkit.html

Fabric http://www.tazman-audio.co.uk/

IGF Awards Finalists  http://igf.com/2014/01/2014_independen.html

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